[2011-06-30] “Virtual Computer” to Support Teaching and Learning in China

【Translated from Singtao Daily】To improve the qualify of teaching and education in remote regions of China, Shin Shin at Silicon Valley plans to trial "virtual computer" systems in Shin Shin elementary schools in China, as affordable teaching aid to enhance interactive learning. Shin Shin hopes that this pilot program will become a good example to help popularize computers in the remote schools of China.

One high-end computer server connected to 30 access terminals can simultaneously provide 30 students to access network. This virtual computing solution from NComputing in Redwood City is what Shin Shin plans to promote in moThe system that connects up to 30 terminals without CPU, is passport-sized, attachable to displays, mouses, keyboards, headsets, and microphones etc.. On the other end, it connects to server for Internet access, with low cost, saving 62% expense compared with 31 physical computers.

President Ting said, Shin Shin have donated 2000 computers to Shin Shin schools since 2005, without maintenance involvement. According to survey, 95% computer functions have NOT been utilized by students. It's a great challenge to implement computer lab program, in terms of financial and material resources, as well as high requirements for the teachers who are responsible for maintenance, repair, teaching, which is impossible for now. Therefore, the new approach ---“virtual computers” is feasible to speed up the process.

This system is not only low cost, but also easy to use, easy to repair, and highly functional. The software provided by NComputing automatically checks hardware's existence, and finishes installing the system within one hour. Because of the small number of parts for the terminals, problems would rarely occur.

President Steve Ting recalled, during a visit to China in 2010, he heard only 4% of the one billion primary school students have access to computers, and this is even worse in remote regions, hence, comparatively more can be done.

In the past years, Shin Shin built more than 300 schools, served totally 120K students, invested 0.8 million dollars. We plan to conduct pilot 30 + 1 “Virtual Computers” programs in three Shin Shin schools, and if everything goes smoothly, this program would be expanded to 20 or 30 primary schools.