[2015-01-08] SSEF Supports Education in Jiangsu Baoying

On December 24th,Shin Shin Educational Foundation, accompanied by Jiangsu Oversea Chinese Affairs to visit Liu-Bao Jiangsu Primary School, observed how the fund donated to school was being used for computer trainings. Under President Zhang lead, we visited Shin Shin computer classrooms. Ma Yang was pleased when he saw students were studied in the computer classroom using computers funded by Shin Shin Educational Foundation. Ma Yang had friendly conversations with kids on computer usages (referenced is the report detailing the visit).

Shin Shin Educational Foundation from US, concerned about the education in Baoying, has respectively in April 2003 and September 2004 visited Liu-Bao Jian Su Primary School and An-I Jenbei Primary School. In June 2004 and September 2005, under the name of Bin-Rong Ju, donate 10,000 US dollars to both schools. This year October donated 36 computers, 20 office computers for teachers, and a total fund of 70,000 yuan.

October this year and is Ashimura elementary students donated 36 computers, 20 teachers, office computers, the Department of Education Fund money 70,000 yuan.

Bin-Rong Ju, from Baoying Ashimura, who left home early to go abroad, remains strong sentiment toward his hometown. Therefore, he decided to join Shinshin Education Foundation, helping ShinShin Education Foundation to build schools in remote rural poor areas, repairing and improving old school buildings. In addition, he provided long-term funding and services to enable students to have better reading environment to complete the basic required education, shorten the gap between urban and rural area. ShinShin was registered in state of California, and approved by the federal government as non-profit organizations.

Ashimura Elementary School is located in the famous old revolutionary base areas – Lia-Bao as starting point. It was built Xuantong first year (1909). Provincial Department of Education approved it as an official primary school. The school has 11 classes, 342 students, 31 faculty members. The school has been named “Chinese Society of Education Theory and Experimental Base”, “China Western Education Consultant Unit”, “Advance School Baoying Curriculum Experiment”, Baoying Winner of Quality of Teaching Unit”, and “Baoying like American Beautiful Campus”, etc. During Ma Yang’s visit, he has a better understanding of the areas where Ashimura Primary School need help the most. He expressed further collaboration with Shin Shin Educational Foundation to further donate and improve school environment. I, represented the Office of Oversea Chinese, would like to express my heartfelt gratitude toward Shin Shin Educational Foundation.