[2015-05-16] Two Thank-You Letters from Shin Shin Schools in Jiangxi

Editor's Note: These two letters came from Tangling Kevin Shin Shin Elementary School in Tangpu of Yifeng County in Jiangxi Province. Because of Shin Shin's donation, the remodeling of the school was completed in December 2014. The inspection of the buildings was completed in February 2015. The County Education Department gave the school a number-one award as a result of overall evaluations.

To Be a Beautiful Guardian Angel
By Yuyu Huang, a teacher of Tangling Kevin Shin Shin Elementary School

In the early morning, when the breaking of dawn brightened the classroom, I quietly stood by the podium to listen to the children read out loud. Looking at the diligent children in the neat, clean, and well-lit classroom, I feel overwhelmed by my emotions. I remember the first time I arrived at this countryside school as a fresh graduate from college. The desolate scene shocked me. The school name was not even visible on the broken old gate. The playground was covered with wild grasses, without any path. There was not even a dirt road, not to mention a paved path. The classrooms were in a two-story brick building, in which lime dust kept falling from the ceiling down to the hallways, making the hallway floors look like maps. Only until seeing cheerful groups of children did I realize this was indeed a school. The children's diligence and my colleagues' professionalism inspired me to overlook the run-down infrastructure and attentively devote myself to the field of education i

Four years flew by. The news about an American education foundation coming to help our school was like the first ray of dawn shining upon our campus. Then, within a short year, the entire school was renewed. The new gate had “Tangling Kevin Shin Shin Elementary School” on it. While walking on the clean concrete path, I saw the playground under construction. I walked into a nice classroom building in which there was modern equipment that would make learning more animated and interesting. All these felt like blessings. While I was sinking into my thoughts, all of sudden, the school bell rang and brought me back to reality.

No words can describe my grateful heart. Action would be my best expression of gratitude. Walking on campus, the road extends beneath me. As a countryside teacher, I'm at a new starting point. With deep feelings, I will express my most beautiful and graceful hope---to concentrate on my pursuit, love my students, love my career, and be a beautiful guardian angel.

To be a beautiful guardian angel, first of all, I will have a beautiful appearance, which is our first impression on the students and influences how well they will accept us. To be a beautiful guardian angel, I will have beautiful language, which conveys a teacher's knowledge and thoughts to every student's heart. Beautiful language is kind. Facing students' mistakes or temporary regression, beautiful language resembles warm sunshine in winter, much more powerful than cold language. To be a beautiful guardian angel, I will have a beautiful heart, which includes self respect and treats others kindly. Students love teachers who treat them like friends. Teachers should learn new knowledge while teaching. Only when we make friends with students, we will truly win the students' respect, trust, admiration and love. To be a beautiful guardian angel, I will definitely need a beautiful class. As an old saying puts it, “Knowledge of poetry and classics will give you poise.” We should enrich our cultural knowledge. To give each student a glass of water, we need to have a bucket of water. Only when we make students enjoy our classes, they will absorb knowledge. Once we have a beautiful class, we accomplish our mission as teachers and establish our own beautiful lives.

In this beautiful countryside school, I walk with a grateful heart on the road toward the success of becoming a beautiful guardian angel. How delightful and wonderful this is!

By Gong Fengrou, a student of Tangling Kevin Shin Shin Elementary School

Today was a special day. During recess in the morning, the principal courteously said, “Today Ms. Li Xinxi and her son Kevin will visit our school. They will bring us $100,000.”

When we heard the news, we were excited and happy, because our learning environment was not very good, with run-down hallways and a small cafeteria. So, we whole-heartedly hoped Ms. Lee and Kevin would come soon.

Around 1 pm, we heard a broadcast announcement and came out to the playground. We saw seven or eight government officials on the podium. When Ms. Lee spoke, she called us the future of China and advised us to study more diligently and have a loving heart to help more children in the impoverished mountainous areas later in our adulthood. Her speech was like a warm stream flowing into my heart. Kevin was born and raised in America. He didn't speak much Mandarin, so he spoke English to us. We didn't understand him, but we listened very attentively. Ms. Lee translated his words and told us that Kevin wanted us to grow up happily in good health and study hard in order to contribute to our country. I was deeply moved by Kevin's words. I will definitely study hard in order not to fail Ms. Lee's and Kevin's expectations.

After listening to all the respectable officials' and student representatives' speeches, all of our teachers and students had a photo taken with all the guests. I was very excited, especially because Kevin brought Christmas presents for us. We all ate delicious candies and felt very much delighted.

Ms. Lee's encouragement stays with me. It will be uplifting when I encounter disappointments or difficulties. Thank you, respectable Ms. Lee!