[2015-08-19] Sharing about English Teachers' Training by Yehong Lu

July 12, 2015 through 31st, I was fortunate to visit Jilin National University to attend the primary school English language training organized by Shin Shin Educational Foundation. Learning is a process of growing. I not only gained a plethora of knowledge after 20 days of training, but also recognized many outstanding teachers tremendous contribution to education.

The twenty days is fulfilling and delightful. It feels like I had returned to my college years, sitting in the class room learning, lining up in the cafeteria, lying in the dormitory chatting with roommates. Life appears simple but not monotonous. Except on weekends, every day curriculum is filled up with a variety of courses and activities.

Although the trainers who taught us each have different personality, content and methodology, one thing they have shared in common was their responsibility and attitude for education. First the two teachers, Ezra and Neal, were from across Atlantic, are detailed oriented, passionate and humorous. During two weeks of oral lesson, we not only improve our spoken language, but also improve the level of teaching. They taught us some excellent ideas and teaching methodologies. Thus helps us to understand and improve our weakness.

Students filled with curiosity and imaginations. We, as teachers should have creativity and imagination, expressed through imaginations, real-life situations, pictures, songs, storytelling and other fun courses, which set out to help the students to develop creative thinking. Teachers emphasized the need for students to participate, which requires teachers to avoid the teaching style that focus on memorizing for test. Instead, teachers should establish a variety of activities, simulating questions to promote among students interactions. Teachers valued objectives. I remember during the first lesson, Ezra asked us what the goal of this training was. I responded “to improve spoken language, to learn new knowledge, and to acquaint new friends. Setting new goals is extremely crucial. This can be done via a lesson, a song, or even a game to be set in line with the students practical goals, maximizing language input and output.

I appreciated teachers highlight task-oriented jobs that is different from reading and writing. For example, they told us a story during class. After class, teachers let us choose our favorite books to be discussed tomorrow with everyone. Students finished discussion then we gave feedback and suggestions. This enable us learn both theory and practice effectively. Once again, we demonstrated significant progress, and achieved a higher level of teaching Secondly, teachers from Jilin National University were not only excellent, but also were loyal to elementary school education. They were willing to share with everyone their own teaching experience and unique method, to address students’ questions. I admired teachers who gave us lectures in school. They started from ordinary teachers, through their own efforts, studying the teaching methods and developed their own characteristics. As a result, they became experts in education. For example, teacher Chen Li, studied the novel vocabularies, and set up his own teaching studio. Teacher Zhang Yanli, who studied the development of letters, phonemes and syntax, developed methods to make learning refreshing and easy to remember. I believe their success is inseparable from their long term diligence and efforts. They were my role model whose spirits worth everyone to learn from. Thirdly, the training conducted for all participation will be in English class together. I got a chance to know many lovely sisters. There is a Chinese saying where 3 people, there must be one qualified to be my teacher. From other students, I saw the bright ones, recognized my own development area. Some students can write beautifully, and paint skillfully. In terms of fundamental skill-set, I have a lot yet to learn. The training gave students the opportunity to collaborate, strengthen the collaboration, expanded their capacities to the next level. Thanks to Shin Shin Educational Foundation providing the opportunity for the training, but also hope Shin Shin can continue offer assistance. Volunteers who are helping out made us believe the world is full of love. I would like to be like volunteers, distill love and caring to the children of the world. I would like to become a good teacher, down to earth, study diligently, in an objective to achieve higher and better education.