[2015-08-19] "Thank You, Mr. Ge and Mrs. Ge!" from Guizhou School #190

Dear Mr and Mrs. Ge

First of all, on behalf of Guizhou Province Luo Township Shin Shin Teachers and Students, please allow me to express my sincere gratitude and highest respect. Recent years you have offered the community support and concern for children’s education, helping to improve school infrastructure. It is you who bestowed us the Chinese traditional virtues and values.

Guizhou Province, Luo Township Indian River County, Two Rivers Showtime Primary School is managed in a remote rural area, with existing 274 students. 178 students lives on campus and 19 faculty members. Previously, due to remote area, school development was behind, a huge disparity from urban schools. Children in the mountain regions were not receiving a balanced education. From 2006 onwards, the school continuously received donations from Mr. and Mrs. and help from Shin Shin Educational Foundation. Huge improvement has been made on campus facilities, internet classroom, library, office facilities, teacher trainings, hardware and software. In essence the significant improvements helped us to reach the same level of standard as other schools within the region.Due to the improvement in school facilities, this change has greatly enhanced students in their learning and achievements. More than 10 people admitted to the national “985” university. I would like to announce this exciting news to Mr. and Mrs. Ge.

We would like to thank all the teachers and students, Mr. and Mrs. Ge contribution on this effort. Mr. and Mrs. Ge, we will not live up to your deep love and caring, we will work diligently and deliver good result to return your kindness to us. We must not forget Mr. and Mrs. Ge effort. We need to study diligently to achieve more excellent results to return to the community, and to achieve great “China Dream” with our own capabilities

Finally, let me thanks Mr and Mrs Ge again. Here, school staff and students expressed our enormous appreciation. Thank you for enabling the school to restart with a new life, and allow children in mountain area to receive equal education. Thank you!

I wish Mr and Mrs. Ge , Ge a healthy and wonderful life.