[2015-12-17] The Success of the SSEF "Passing the Torch" Annual Appreciation Event

On December 12th 2015, the Shin Shin Educational Foundation (SSEF) Appreciation and Fund-raising Event “Passing the Torch” was held successfully. More than 30 groups in the Bay Area and over 250 people attended this event. Mr. Deng, the Deputy Console General Consulate of the People’s Republic of China in San Francisco, gave a speech during the event. The Cupertino City Major Barry Chang and Deputy Major Savita awarded Shin Shin Educational Foundation.

This year's event theme was “Passing the Torch”, aiming at promoting the SSEF's spirit of perseverance. SSEF has spent the past 18 years in building and renovating more than 340 schools in remote area of China, continued to help these schools and achieved remarkable results. Various leaders from SSEF, including Jong-Chyuan Shaw (Grandpa Shao), Sandy Chau, Betty Yuan, and Steve Ting attended the event, and vividly described their life journey and lifetime changes.

Participants also enthusiastically took part in the “United Prize contest” games by answering questions, which allowed more people understand the SSEF projects, volunteering teams, donation spending, operational modes, and other information. Some participants said it is not difficult to be part of the SSEF's philanthropy. SSEF built a good platform for those who are determined to help with the education of rural children to achieve their aspirations. During the event, some people expressed their willingness to join SSEF to help children's education in remote area.

On the day of the fund-raising event, more than $110000 US dollars were raised. It is also worth mentioning that many new immigrants from China made donations to SSEF during the event. One of the contributors from mainland China, who immigrated to the United States and started a company here, said that the important reasons that she is willing to donate to SSEF are that SSEF uses all donated funds in Shin Shin schools, keeps financials transparent, and built up 18 years of reputation on educational development.

Shin Shin's Youth choir, Silicon Valley Women and other organizations presented wonderful performances. The annual event was innovatively structured to bring everyone a fresh feeling, and it was a complete success.