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[2014-04-30] Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Jilin Province Visited Shin Shin

On April 11, Xianglin Chen, the Deputy Director of the Jilin Provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and her team arrived in the San Francisco Bay Area for a visit. At their first stop, they visited the Shin Shin Educational Foundation (SSEF). David Tsang (Chairman), Steve Ting (President), board members, and the volunteers of SSEF embraced the visitors with a warm welcome.

After the Chairman David Tsang's welcoming remarks, the President Steve Ting said, SSEF has deep roots in the Jilin Province. The SSEF co-founders, Mr. Zhongquan Shao and Dr. Bingming Zu came from Jilin, and the second and third Shin Shin schools were built in Jilin. The successful establishment and expansion of these two schools laid a solid foundation for SSEF's development.
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[2013-07-25] 2nd Shin Shin US-China ECTT Video Conference

On July 23th, Shin Shin successfully held its second US-China ECTT (English and Computer Teachers Training) video conference to exchange teaching ideas and experiences through the high-quality live stream technology. Many thanks to the Calvin Chung-Yi Wang Foundation for sponsoring this event and DingDing TV for producing and broadcasting this meaningful event.

Shin Shin invited two experienced teachers--- Ms. Yineng Lu and Ms. Ying Jin, who teach in the distinguished Palo Alto school district. They shared their rich teaching experience, effective teaching methods and lively student interactivity. Their professional knowledge and expertise in western and eastern education systems inspired and encouraged 200 teachers in the Hunan and Jilin ECTT centers. As a result, these teachers will infuse more enthusiasm, care and patience to their teaching careers.
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