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[2011-12-12] Shin Shin Successfully Held the “Family of One” Celebration and Fundraiser on December 10, 2011

Cupertino Mayor Gilbert Wong presented a “Proclamation” to recognize Shin Shin's effort in construction and repair of 333 primary schools in China over the past 14 years, and to honor volunteers' hard work and dedication. Qiaoban (National Overseas Chinese Affairs Offices) sent a congratulation letter to appreciate Shin Shin's mission and accomplishments, and to congratulate the 15th anniversary of Foundation's establishment.
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[2011-12-05] Shin Shin Educational Foundation Hold Annual Event

【Translated from Sina North America】Shin Shin Educational Foundation will hold its annual event of exhibition, appreciation and fund-raising, on December 10, Saturday in Cupertino Quinlan Community Center, and is inviting all the overseas Chinese and community groups.

Shin Shin Educational Foundation's President Steve Ting said, the foundation will enter its fifteenth year, as an officially registered non-profit organization, that aims at helping remote rural areas in China build primary schools. Since 1997, 330 schools in 25 provinces have been constructed throughout China. This year, 200 schools were benefited from their programs,
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[2011-12-02] Welcome to “Family of One” Celebration

Dear Friends,

Shin Shin Educational Foundation sincerely invite you to join our annual “Family of One” Celebration and Fund-raiser scheduled at 2pm-5pm on Saturday Dec 10, 2011, in Quinlan Community Center (10185 N. Stelling Rd., Cupertino, CA 95014).

Please come to find out what we accomplished in the past year and what we plan for the next year. Your support and participation will make a big different in our mission to shorten the distance between rural and urban education qualities in China. Please join our “Family of One”!

Sincerely Yours,
Shin Shin Family

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