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[2011-06-27] Shin Shin Hosted Volunteer Appreciation Event

【Translated from Singdao Daily】Yesterday, Shin Shin hosted an annual picnic social for all the volunteers. President Ting said, without volunteers' contribution, Shin Shin could not expand a number of service projects this year. This event was Shin Shin's tradition every year to appreciate volunteers.

Shin Shin defines our mission in helping rural education in China, and has an outstanding reputation in credibility, execution, and continuity. All the services are carried out by volunteers, and financial affairs are 100% transparent. Shin Shin volunteers not only spent a lot of time in keeping contact with the supported regions,
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[2011-06-17] Cupertino Rotary Donated $55K to Shin Shin

【Translated from Singtao Daily】 Shin Shin Educational Foundation and Cupertino Rotary have been partners for seven years, donating over 160K books to more than 300 rural schools. Recently, Shin Shin has received $55K donation from Cupertino Rotary, and will build 20 reading rooms this year.

Yesterday, the former President of Cupertino Rotary and City Council member, Orrin Mahoney, and an overseas Chinese entrepreneurs Xingxian Gong , reprented the Rotary Club to present a $55,125 donation check to Shin Shin's President Steve Ting. This was the sixth time that Cupertino Rotary donated to Shin Shin Educational Foundation, an overseas Chinese founded charitable foundation in the
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