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[2015-07-24] Shin Shin to Host a Working Collaboration Meeting in Beijing

Since its inception in 1997, Shin Shin Educational Foundation, embodied the love of many overseas Chinese, contributing to help out primary schools in remote mountainous areas part of China to narrowing the gap between urban and rural education.

To the objective of development of China, Oversea Chinese Affairs and educational institutions of all levels offered strong participation and support, has invested millions of dollars in donations and incalculable human and material resources to help improve the teaching and learning environment in rural areas by offering a range of hardware and software educational resources. This effort enables children to gain understanding of the world and the opportunity to share resources with well-known universities in China. For the past decades, according to incomplete statistics, totaled 350,000 students from remote area benefited from the organized training offered to thousands of teachers.
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[2015-07-02] The Essence of Establishing SSEF
In-depth Reflection on the Disparity of China Economical and Regional Development

China’s rapid economical development has been recognized by the world. Its economic output has surpassed Japan, became the second in the world, now the world’s second largest economy. People become envious when they see the new generation of affluent Chinese flood into developed countries investing on real estate and purchasing luxury goods. Shin Shin Educational Foundation volunteers are often being asked “Why do we still need to donate to China for education endeavor when we have seen how affluent Chinese are”. That said, before answering this question, let us first look at a population of China and US economic indicator comparative table (IMF,2014)
China vs. US Economic Indicator Comparative Table
USA China
GDP US $ 17,418 trillion US $ 10,380 trillion
GDP per capita of US $ 54,597 US $ 7,589
Proportion of Population who are Farmers 2% 49%

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[2015-05-17] You are invited to the SSEF Annual Picnic Social (June 6)

The Annual Picnic Social of Shin Shin Educational Foundation (SSEF) is currently in full swing of preparations. The purpose of this activity is to appreciate our hardworking volunteers and supporters, and to encourage more people to get involved and celebrate the Foundation’s accomplishments. We sincerely invite you and your family and friends to attend the SSEF Annual Picnic Social. Here you will feel the warmth, experience the compassion, and understand the joy of giving!

Register the free and fun event by June 5th.

Time: June 6th (Saturday), 11:30AM-3:00PM
Location: Kevin Moran Park (12415 Scully Ave, Saratoga, CA 95070)
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