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[2015-04-27] Successful Fundraising Concert --- Youth, Dreams & Appreciation

Shin Shin Educational Foundation held a large fundraising concert called “Youth, Dreams, & Appreciation” in Cupertino Apr 19. The programs included choral singing, modern dances, ethnic dances, and zheng (a traditional Chinese instrument) music. The performers were Shin Shin Youth Choir, Zhiyin Choir, Silicon Valley Youth Symphony, and famous local artists including Ma Chunxia and Zhao Xiayang. The concert had three masters of ceremonies: Liu Yanan, Ma Yang and Hao Ruxin, all speaking both Chinese and English.

Eric Liu, conductor of Shin Shin Youth Choir, was the conductor of the entire concert. He is a sophomore student of Foothill College who was involved with other non-profit organizations before joining the Youth Department of Shin Shin. However, he said he learned more from this fundraising concert for Shin Shin, which not only let him realize his dream of teaching local children music, but also enabled him to help Chinese children in impoverished areas of China, so it doubled his sense of achievement.
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[2015-02-24] Shin Shin Children and Youth Choir Admissions Notices

We will organize Shin Shin themed performances twice a year to help more people understand the work done by Shin Shin and gather more common-minded people, so as to provide needed assistance to Shin Shin children in remote and rural areas of China. The purpose of the Shin Shin Children and Youth Choir is to offer the Bay Area children identified with the Shin Shin mission an opportunity to participate in Shin Shin's activities, and bring warmth to the the children in remote and poor areas of China.

We invite children aged 6-12 to participate in the Shin Shin Children's Choir, and youth aged 12-19 to join the Shin Shin Youth Choir. We encourage all the children who love to sing, and who are interested in public service activities to participate.

The first choir performance is scheduled on April 19 at De Anza college's Visual and Performing Art Center from 3:30pm to 5:30pm. The choir admission will be done by the early March. From March 8 to April 12, a total of six choir practices will be held on Sundays from 3:00pm to 5:30pm, at 10340 Bubb Rd, Cupertino.

If your child is interested in participating in the Shin Shin choir, please fill out the registration form attached (see next page), and bring the signed form to the first rehearsal. Please contact Qing Bai at phone (408) 2508436 or email: for details.
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[2015-01-07] Shin Shin People, American Services, Chinese Responsibilities
Shin Shin Elementary School Teachers' Visit in America

1. Shin Shin People
There is a group of people on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean. For more than a decade, they've been selflessly devoting their time, energy and money to China's education, without asking for anything in return. Among them, there are elderly people over age 70, and young people still in school. They work together in order for children on the other end of the earth to enjoy equal opportunities in education with dignity, and to feel love and help. They are respectable and adorable Shin Shin volunteers.

Starting from when we received the invitation, Mr. Ting, president of Shin Shin, carefully planned every activity of our trip in the US, and his every arrangement was thoughtful. The beautiful lady Mayang was our contact person with the foundation. She fully participated in our trip. To get information, she sometimes spent an hour on the phone with us. She stayed up in the middle of the night to fill out application forms for us. Our first visa application was denied. Then the foundation actively asked Congress members to write to the American Embassy in China, with the invitation attached. So, our second visa application was approved. That made us see the extraordinary efficiency of Shin Shin.
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