Xinjiang Shin Shin Schools

Xinjiang is an autonomous region (Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region): a large, sparsely populated area which takes up about one sixth of the country's territory. "Xinjiang" or "Ice Jecen" in Manchu, literally means "New Frontier," a name given during the Manchu Qing Dynasty in China. It is home to a number of Turkic ethnic groups, the largest of which are the Uyghurs. The region is often referred to as Chinese Turkestan or East Turkestan. Xinjiang is the largest political subdivision of China - it accounts for more than one sixth of China's total territory and a quarter of its boundary length. It is divided into two basins by Mount Tianshan. Xinjiang is known for its fruits and produce, including grapes, melons, pears, cotton, wheat, silk, walnuts, as well as sheep. Xinjiang also has large deposits of minerals and oil. Xinjiang is home to several Muslim Turkic groups including the Uyghurs and the Kazakhs. In general, Uyghurs are the majority in western Xinjiang, and Han Chinese are the majority in eastern and northern Xinjiang.

Xinjiang Shin Shin schools are among the earliest school projects that Shin Shin has help funded. Two school projects were funded in 1999 in Hui County and Kazakh County in central Xinjiang. A school in Mongo autonomous region was added to the Shin Shin schools in 2005. Shin Shin received designated donations in 2007 to fund three school renovation projects specifically in Hotan area and Mongo autonomous region. Xinjiang has six Shin Shin schools in total. The lack of fundamental infrastructure in Xinjiang is the major setback to the development of Shin Shin schools. For example, with no nearby computer vendors to provide training, installation and support, none of the Shin Shin schools in Xinjiang were awarded the computer lab package to install a computer lab system on campus. Despite the difficulty, Shin Shin still strives to help the needy children in Xinjiang with a better future, improving the quality of education and learning opportunities available to all children through Shin Shin schools.
Year No. Name (Chinese)
1999 7 新疆阜康市九运街镇五运欣欣希望小学(回族)
1999 8 新疆哈密地区巴里坤县萨尔乔克乡东村欣欣希望小学(哈萨克族)
2005 215 新疆博尔塔拉蒙古自治州博乐市达勒特镇雪芳欣欣小学
2006 265 新疆和田地区策勒县策勒乡玛扎库勒村隶华欣欣学校
2007 295 新疆洛浦县杭桂乡欣欣中心小学
Totally 5 school(s)/reading room(s).