Although Shin Shin's mission focuses on education, not disaster relief, in the past, Shin Shin had sent donation and support to the schools that were affected by natural disasters, in the purpose of setting an example for the society to give more love and care to school age children, who need even greater help in the case of disasters.

However, Shin Shin does not play roles in emergency rescues, will not interfere the relief operations organized by the Chinese government, or serve as a channel for money transfers. As a guideline, Shin Shin always plans school projects according to the official school building regulations issued by the Chinese government. Shin Shin puts best-known-practices to implement pilot projects for others to follow, and who in turn, will contribute their efforts to the disaster relief. Every penny of donation earmarked for disaster relief, has been and shall be used in the most important and most indispensable places. The following two examples have shown how Shin Shin had implemented the disaster relief projects in the past.

Severe Snow Storms

In January 2008, 20 provinces and municipalities in the middle and lower regions of China's Yangtze River suffered severe snow storms, which caused historically unprecedented low temperature, large disasters and heavy losses. According to incomplete reports, more than 100 million people were affected, and 53.8 billion RMB were lost. Together with many overseas Chinese with loving hearts, Shin Shin opened our helping hands, donating generously to relieve the disaster.

In the following months, 13 Shin Shin schools in the seven provinces (Hunan, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Hubei, Sichuan, Guangxi, Anhui) received total $39,200 from Shin Shin to be distributed as financial assistantships to students. In addition, Shin Shin organized an event in Shanghai to call donations of winter clothes for the Qinhai Province. These actions received great responses and attentions from the communities in the States and in China.

Devastating Earthquakes

On Monday, May 12, 2008, a magnitude 7.9 earthquake rocked the Sichuan province of central China. The damage was devastating and the earthquake has been the worst in China for over three decades. With multiple reports of local school building collapses, it was truly heartbreaking.

After the earthquake, Shin Shin volunteers made numerous phone calls to individual schools that were affected by the disaster. They also contacted local officials, friends who have access to relevant information, and provincial Overseas Chinese Affair Offices (Qiao Ban) to accurately assess the damages caused by the earthquake. None of the schools built by Shin Shin had collapsed and no student casualties occurred. This includes the 31 schools in the most severely affected Sichuan Province (26 schools) and Chong Qing city (5 schools), and the schools in the less publicized but nonetheless affected Gan Su Province (24 schools) and Shaan Xi Province (7 schools). Most significantly, school No. 259, which is located in the epicenter Wen Chuan county in Sichuan, also withstood the tremendous shock of the 7.9 magnitude earthquake: it proudly stands among rubbles even though almost all surrounding buildings in the village collapsed.

In September 2008 , Shin Shin organized visiting groups to 5.12 Sichuan earthquake affected schools in Gansu and Shaanxi to gather firsthand information of the actual damage and plan for the future reconstruction and long-term follow-up programs.

By March 2009, Shin Shin has received generous donation (totally $360,414.04) for the Earthquake Special Fund, thanks to many overseas Chinese and international friends. The special fund committee decided to select schools from the hardest hit provinces, Sichuan, Gansu, and Shaanxi for reconstruction. Aside from the government-funded school construction or reconstruction, several schools in Sichuan, Gansu and Shaanxi were selected to build reading rooms. Shin Shin also provided 1000 or 2000 books to each reading room depending on the school size, as well as furnish the reading room with bookcases, tables and chairs, one computer and one printer for the library management purposes. (Details please see the “Literacy Program” Under “Education Initiatives”)

In addition to reading rooms, dining halls and multi-purpose buildings were also needed by some of the disaster affected schools. An elementary school in Jiangyou, Sichuan, was selected to receive one million RMB grant from Shin Shin to assist such a project, a total of approximately 800 square meters. The construction began in March 2009, and completed within a year.

All the school selection process above was based on the inspection and recommendation by the provincial Overseas Chines Affair Office. These schools have been visited by Shin Shin personnel to make sure that they meet Shin Shin school construction requirements, for example, the proof of danger construction and matching fund commitment from the county Department of Education; a planning certificate for the long-term existence of the school; a reasonable cost etc. Each of these schools has been included as a Shin Shin school per the request of their principal.