In 2009, Shin Shin coordinated with Peking University Youth League Committee to select and train 8 students to participate in the first University Outreach program. They were divided into two teams, and visited 22 Shin Shin schools in Hunan within 7 days.

Journal of a Peking University Student

The children are very innocent and lovely. This makes me laugh and makes me cry. The children said, “We want to learn Mandarin so that we can go to work sooner and earn money.” The children also said, “We want to learn how to use a computer and we want to have a teacher who can teach us these skills.” The children continued on to say, “We like to study…” We want to do so many things for the children but can only do so much. We only gave them a little bit of hope; nevertheless, they gave us an entire warm and beautiful world.

One day, I was chatting with the children in the class. They all answered the questions in the same way and quite loudly. “Do you want to go to Beijing?” “Yes.” “Have you ever been to Beijing?” “No.” “What do you want to see in Beijing?” “Tiananmen Square.” .… For one little QQ horn, they treated it like a treasure. Even though we’ve only known the children for a very short time, they hate to see us leave. “Let us sing another song, sing another song together.” It’s not that the big sister doesn’t want to sing another song; big sister wants to give you an “invisible wing.”

I am so afraid of disappointing them because I told them “Big sister will take you to Beijing. Big sister will buy you the books you like.” But I know deeply in my heart that my abilities are limited. Maybe every promise is just a bad check. Facing the society of material desires, I don’t feel ashamed of intriguing others for fame and gain. But, facing this group of children who trusted me fully and gave me their whole heart, how can I allow myself to give them a dead seed that will not germinate in the future? They are the children who will take every word we said into their dreams.