In today's rapid economy development around the global, the areas that are left behind deserve more attention from the entire community to support their education, because the children there are in need of love and care. Under Shin Shin's coordination and support, Fudan University student volunteers participated in the University Outreach program, based on their similar endeavor in 2010. In July 2011, "Shin Shin Angels, Hand in Hand "project was carried out, further providing development thrust for two Jiangxi Shin Shin schools.

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2011 Fudan University Outreach Program in Jiangxi Shin Shin Schools
Student Volunteer Reflections

I always think that children in the mountains, are lack of neither ability to learn, nor attitude to learn, but a thirst for the outside world. This misleads them to set the wrong goal, and forces them to run with little motivation. As one puts it, the children here, are more than losing at the starting line, they are not on the track. There's worse - some do not even know where to find the track.

I think, what we can do, is to try to guide them to the starting line. For me, if I could achieve this, I would be very proud.

--- Liu, Yanbo (Political Science and Public Administration)

We look forward to a journey of our own,
look forward to an experience of life's hardship,
look forward to a taste of the happiness behind the hardship,
look forward to spreading the joy to bring smiles to every child.
We do not chase much success of the dream, but work with our hearts, touch with love.
We are ready!

--- Chen, Yongyong (Physics)

We are planting seeds;
We are wiping misty hearts;
We are irrigating dry fields;
Reaching the distant land in their hearts,
looking forward to high mountains and long rivers.
We are on the road, together, on the road.
We work together, let faith be seen.

--- Lu, Shan (Journalism)