Education is one of the cornerstones for improving a nation's quality and building human resources. Teachers are entrusted with important responsibilities and sacred mission. Construction of high-quality teaching teams has important strategic significance on consolidating the results of compulsory education, promoting the balanced development of education, and implementing and strengthening quality education. Especially in poor areas, teachers are having an important impact on each child's life!

At present, general primary and junior high schools have more than 9.1 million full-time teachers, among them 5.6 million for primary schools, and 350 million for middle schools. Comparing urban and rural distributions, teachers for counties and villages accounted about 83%. About 25% of these teachers are working in difficult areas for the national compulsory education. Structural problems are prominent in teacher assignment, so that insufficient number of teachers are for remote rural areas, and the teaching subjects are contradicting with each other. For some subjects, very few teachers are able to teach. Difficulties lie in teacher supplements, and many more aspects, all contributing to unbalanced development of compulsory education...

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Starting in 2005, Shin Shin officially started to expand the English Teacher Training program. The program lasted a period of eight weeks in the summer from May to July each year in Hunan Normal University. From 2005 to 2007, a total of 170 English teachers from Shin Shin primary schools in 15 different provinces from China were trained, so that more than 40,000 students have benefited from them. Beginning in 2010, Shin Shin added computer teacher training programs, combined with the original English training, referred to as English and Computer Teacher Training (ECTT). ECTT's overall goal was to improve computer skills of primary school teachers in remote rural areas, as well as enhancing their English teaching methods. In 2011, Shin Shin held ECTT both in Hunan and Gansu, with the help of well-known local institutes to set up two computer and English teacher training centers, helping nearly 800 teachers be trained within 7 years.

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ECTT greatly improved teachers' English teaching quality and computer skills for Shin Shin primary schools. At the same time, the teachers were inspired by the teaching assistants from the United States, who brought in lively cultural atmosphere, changing their traditional rigid teaching mode. We sincerely hope that Shin Shin's teacher training programs will inspire more people to care about the teachers in poor areas. Let us work together to make a difference through every single act of love and service! We would one day change these teachers' difficult circumstances, so that they could devote more into education, and the people in communities could better understand and respect the teachers! They are like a beacon of inspiration for all the children in poor areas, illuminating their road ahead.

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