In Summer 2011, 14 students from Tsinghua University, and one student and teacher from Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute, went to conduct a 17-day summer camp program in a Shin Shin school in Changde of Hunan province, with the support of Shin Shin University Outreach team and Tsinghua University Education Foundation. Based on the children's interest, they retained courses from the 2010 program and offered a variety of classes, including writing, speech, math, English, music, art, computer and sports etc. totally 12 categories. They taught more than 100 sessions to over 170 children.

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The summer camp focused on dissemination of knowledge and delivery of educational resources, as the basic starting point. Through college students' personal roles as instructors, they made a positive impact on their students, helped students build self-confidence, and set goals in life and so on. Each course was taught by one or two instructors. The program covered the primary curricula, extra-curricular knowledge, and communication skills. Using the traditional teaching model, at the same time, they introduced educational games, which reinforced learning and established a good relationship between instructors and students. Sharing personal upbringing experiences, effective learning methods, Tsinghua news, etc. the Tsinghua students hoped to help children build positive attitude in life.

Meanwhile, this program was also a good exercise for Tsinghua students to practice teaching skills, develop a sense of social responsibility, and work hard in the heavy schedule with both courage and patience. They became more loving, more tolerant, more caring for the children's education in remote areas. Summer 2011 outreach was over, but its impact will be long-term and unforgettable.

Shin Shin Children's Poem:
Dedicated to the brothers and sisters from Tsinghua University

Warmly red July,
Clearly blue sky,
Wild mountain's wind,
Aroused golden Barley waves.
Wonderful season, hot summer,
Full of flying youth,
Full of good faith.
You, brothers and sisters from Tsinghua,
Once again - to meet us.
From the distant north,
Came to this small remote village in Hunan,
Came to the side of these children in the mountains.

Ah, what a wonderful time!
Dear brothers and sisters,
You taught us about speech, math, art, sports, computer, English ... ...
You and we sang, played, chatted, photographed, walked in the landscape by the river... ...
You, opened countless beautiful windows for us, the children in the mountains!
You let us know, what kind of youth is the most valuable to pursue, what kind of time is the most memorable.

Time together is always too short,
Time apart is always so long.
Tears in our eyes, we shouted:
Tsinghua's brothers and sisters,
We couldn't let you go,
Let's go chase the dream together.
On the road, you will remember the river,
Remember the group of us, naughty kids.
We will never forget,
There was once a group of brothers and sisters from Tsinghua,
We were once happily together.