In 2011, Jilin University joined the outreach program for the first time, sending 28 students in 6 groups to 8 Jilin Shin Shin schools. Their goal was to improve teachers and students' computer skills (e.g. office software, common application software, network communication skills, and computer equipment routine maintenance, etc.), and English language skills (speaking and writing, etc.). They also conducted school survey to investigate teaching facilities, teachers' status, students' graduation. Additionally, they established a volunteer base of Jilin University, to allow the support of outreach programs on a regular basis.

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Student Volunteers Reflections

For a common aspiration, a group of strangers came together, despite of our limitations, but shared the same enthusiasm. The outreach program was a glorious mission in life. Everytime when I thought of a group of children eargerly waiting for us to teach them, my heart was always surged with a wave. It was the wave that urged me set foot on the journey to Shin Shin's outreach program.

It was my first time to partcipate in such a program, so the journey was full of fresh feelings. My mother is also a teacher, and I always like the teaching career. I wanted to exercise myself and share what I know with the children to expand their vision, and to inspire their desire for knowledge, and to better understand the world. With my own experience and knowledge, I wanted to let children sense a different kind of lifestyle and attitude. And for their life in future, they would have better expectation and pursuit.

All our group members were like me, for the first time on the lectern, inevitably feeling nervous, as everything is hard in the beginning. After two days of adjustment, we gradually got used to this role. Children were very sensible, and knew that we could not be there for long, so they cherished every moment to be with us. Spending time with a group of 10-year-old children, we were never lack of laughters. Maybe I really grew up, more mature, but hardly found such a happy feeling that I had when I was a child, but in these children, I found my past, many years ago, I was so happy.

Time flies, we soon had to leave the place that we deeply loved, and leave the children that brought me laughters. We did not cry, but we just quietly wiped off tears. Maybe just a few days, we could not teach them much, but we did our best upon all our abilities to teach them something worthy without reservation. Hope that what we did, will become a hint of help for their future life. We hope that they could walk their journey very far, farther than what we've been.