Anhui Shin Shin Schools

Anhui is located in eastern China, across the basins of the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River. The name "Anhui" derives from the names of two cities in south Anhui, Anqing and Huizhou. The abbreviation for Anhui is "Wan," because historically there was a State of Wan, a Mount Wan, and a Wan river in the province. Compared to its more successful neighbors to the east, Zhejiang and Jiangsu, Anhui has lagged markedly behind in economic development. There is great regional disparity as well, and most of the wealth is concentrated in industrial regions close to the Yangtze River. Han ethnic Chinese make up the vast majority of the population.

Anhui is known for its richness in cultural heritage and is full of spectacular mountain scenery. Huangshan (The Yellow Mountain) is the most famous among all. Huangshan is a mountain range in the southern region of the Anhui province. Due to its natural beauty, Huangshan is frequently a subject of traditional Chinese paintings and literature. Today, Huangshen is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of China's most popular tourist destinations. Daning Shin Shin Elementary in Xiu Ning is located in Huangshan City, at the foothill of the world's renowned Huangshan, the Yellow Mountain.

From 2002 to 2011, Shin Shin Educational Foundation has funded and rebuilt eleven elementary schools in Anhui. These schools are located in Dangtu, Xiuning, Tongcheng, Fanchang, She, Gucheng, Qianshan, and Chaohu. These schools were originally built in the 1950's and 1960's. Due to a lack of maintenance over the years, the buildings and facilities were all in very poor and dangerous condition. Under the perceptive care from Shin Shin and its donors, great changes have taken place in these schools. Furthermore, Shin Shin has provided special follow-up funds in establishing computer labs for six Shin Shin schools in Anhui.
Year No. Name (Chinese)
2002 34 安徽省当涂县湖阳乡大刑欣欣小学
2003 73 安徽省当涂县黄池镇欣欣中心小学
2004 72 安徽省休宁县万安镇徽光村缪伊洄欣欣小学
2004 164 安徽省桐城市金神镇平岗欣欣小学
2005 207 安徽芜湖市繁昌县繁阳镇文白欣欣小学
2005 217 安徽省当涂县姑熟镇藏汉欣欣中心小学
2006 255 安徽潜山县黄铺镇牌楼范苑声欣欣中心小学
2006 256 安徽马鞍山市龙泉欣欣中心小学
2006 250 安徽省黄山市歙县霞江竞民欣欣小学
2006 251 安徽省固镇县任桥镇姚毓霖欣欣小学
2007 268 安徽省和县张家集文白欣欣小学
2007 281 安徽省桐城市新渡镇芦圩慈晖欣欣小学
2008 315 安徽省桐城市双港镇根祥欣欣小学
2008 316 安徽省巢湖市庐江县柯桓镇元风欣欣小学
2009 324 安徽省金寨县齐山瑞卿欣欣小学
2012 328 安徽省肥西县铭传乡李国彝欣欣小学    
Totally 16 school(s)/reading room(s).