Gansu Shin Shin Schools

Gansu is located in the northwest of China. It lies between Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, and the Huangtu Plateaus, bordering Mongolia to the north and Xinjiang to the west. The Yellow River gets most of its water from Gansu province. The province contains the geographical center of China. Part of the Gobi Desert is located in Gansu. Most of the population, 73%, is still rural.

Gansu is 92% Han and also has Hui, Tibetan, Dongxiang, Tu, Manchu, Uyghur, Yugur, Bonan, Mongolian, Salar, and Kazakh minorities. It has a large concentration of Hui Chinese. Situated along the Silk Road, Gansu used to be an economically important province and a cultural transmission path as well. Temples and Buddhist grottoes such as those at Mogao Caves ("Caves of the Thousand Buddhas") and Maijishan Caves contain artistically and historically revealing murals. During 2003-2004, Shin Shin Foundation funded ten school renovation projects along the western part of Gansu.

In 2005- 2006, Shin Shin allocated more funds to help renovate 14 school projects, primarily in the Hui minority LinXia County. In addition to the renovation funding, 92% of the schools completed by 2006 received the computer lab award package to enhance teaching and learning activities. This year, the YongDeng Shin Shin school received the satellite library program award to install a library management system, connecting the Evergreen Foundation centralized library to the neighboring TienZhu middle school. Shin Shin's effort is like seeding the desert, it gives the children in Gansu hope to revive the culturally rich silk road history, and advances them to the next century.
Year No. Name (Chinese)
2003 59 甘肃省玉门市柳河乡蘑菇滩庆华欣欣小学
2003 60 甘肃省敦煌市杨家桥乡鸣山兆基纪念欣欣小学
2003 81 甘肃省玉门市玉门镇团结文才欣欣完全小学
2004 131 甘肃省玉门市玉门镇代家滩村贵溥欣欣小学
2004 132 甘肃省玉门市下西号乡石河子春晖欣欣小学
2004 133 甘肃省酒泉市肃州区益民林氏欣欣小学
2004 134 甘肃省酒泉市肃州区丰乐乡林氏欣欣小学
2004 135 甘肃省敦煌市黄渠乡清水村炎培欣欣小学
2004 136 甘肃省敦煌市七里镇国任欣欣小学
2004 137 甘肃省酒泉市金塔县中东镇黑树窝王氏欣欣小学
2005 186 甘肃永登县柳树乡欣欣民族小学
2005 187 甘肃省临夏县漠泥沟乡胡英祥欣欣小学
2005 188 甘肃省定西市安定区称钩驿欣欣中心学校
2006 232 甘肃武威市古浪县定宁镇欣欣中心小学
2006 233 甘肃临夏州九年制坪庒欣欣实验中学
2006 234 甘肃武威市民勤县红纱梁乡欣欣小学
2006 235 甘肃临夏州东乡县果园镇九年制果园中学欣欣小学
2006 236 甘肃临夏州东乡县董岭乡董家岭欣欣小学
2006 237 甘肃临夏州临夏市南龙镇四家嘴欣欣小学
2006 238 甘肃临夏县麻尼寺沟韩家门欣欣小学
2006 239 甘肃临夏县麻尼寺沟乡郭东山欣欣小学
2006 240 甘肃省临夏县营滩乡永胜欣欣小学
2006 241 甘肃武威市天祝县石门镇河湾欣欣小学
2006 242 甘肃临夏州临夏市抱罕镇后杨欣欣小学
2009 9008 甘肃省天水市秦州区太京镇窝驼学校 欣欣阅览室
2009 321 甘肃省定西市陇西县文峰阵镇南九年制欣欣示范学校
2009 9007 甘肃省定西市安定区公园路小学 欣欣阅览室
2014 343 甘肃省敦煌市转渠口镇定西孙立欣欣小学
2021 342 甘肃省瓜州县秀廷欣欣中心小学
Totally 29 school(s)/reading room(s).