Jilin Shin Shin Schools

The Jilin province is located in the center of northeast China, bordering southeast Russia, and neighboring the Korean peninsula, with the Yalujiang River and the Tumenjiang River as the dividing line. The province covers an area of 187,400 square kilometers (ranked 13 in China) and has a population of 27 million (ranked 21 in China) which includes the Han, Korean, Manchurian, Muslim, Mongolian, and Xibe ethnic groups. The economy is mainly driven by its forest industry. Jilin, a province long inhabited by the Manchu, is tucked away in the northeast of China. Jilin province's Changbai Shan (Ever- White Mountain) is the country's largest nature reserve. The reserve is located in the southeast area of the province, close to the border with North Korea. sponsor Eleanor Lee visited a school

Shin Shin's eight schools are located in four different cities of Jilin. All eight schools are under the long-term care of Shin Shin and individual sponsors; they have their own computer, library rooms, and necessary updated equipment. children in a Jilin school

Shin Shin has emphasized both the hardware and the software upgrades for the schools. In 2007, 14 teachers attended Hunan English Training Program, and all 14 attendees completed the class and received outstanding compliments from the instructors and the program. This training will definitely benefit Shin Shin's students. In addition, eight Jilin students were awarded Shin Shin/Soar's four-year scholarship in 2005-2006. Shin Shin wishes to recognize the sponsors - Mr. Jong-Chyuan Shaw, Mrs. Eleanor Lee, Mrs. Pei-Wen Kao, and Mrs. Juliana Han for their continuous monetary and spiritual support of their sponsored schools.
Year No. Name (Chinese)
1998 2 吉林省白城子市镇贲县坦途镇第二中心欣欣小学
1998 3 吉林省通化县快大茂镇欣欣小学
2002 27 吉林省白城市通榆县开通镇明德欣欣小学
2002 30 吉林省蛟河市前进乡祖博士欣欣小学
2002 38 吉林省通榆县羊井乡黎明村小学
2004 95 吉林白城通榆县向海乡高氏欣欣中心小学
2005 222 吉林省辽源矿务局实验文祥欣欣小学
2005 170 吉林省吉林市船营越北镇欣欣小学
2008 304 吉林省四平市铁东区叶赫满族镇果子欣欣小学
2018 340 吉林省舒兰市谭家村育宜欣欣小學
Totally 10 school(s)/reading room(s).