Liaoning Shin Shin Schools

Liaoning is located in the southernmost part of China's Northeast region. It borders the Yellow Sea (Korea Bay) and the Bohai Gulf in the south, North Korea in the southeast, Jilin Province to the northeast, Inner Mongolia to the northwest and Hebei Province to the west. Liaoning has three approximate geographical regions: the highlands in the west, plains in the middle, and hills in the east. Liaoning has a continental monsoon climate, and rainfall averages about 440 to 1130 mm annually. Summer is rainy while the other seasons are dry. The population of Liaoning is 84% Han Chinese with 43 minorities of Manchus, Mongols, Hui, Koreans, and Xibe making up the remaining 16%.

Shin Shin has helped rebuild 19 elementary schools, two high schools, and one memorial library since 1998. Five of the schools are in heavy minority resident areas. In 2005, Cupertino Rotary Club raised funds and donated computers, printers, organs, and many other instructional aids to three of our schools. Starting in the same year, Shin Shin began its Follow-Up Fund program in this region and has helped all of our schools with various intructional equipment and aids. This year, we added another elementary school, with the construction completed in September. During the summer, the first English Teacher Training (ETT) program in the northeast region was held at TieLing Teacher University. Twenty-eight teachers from all of our schools participated in this Shin Shin sponsored eight-week resident training program. During these eight weeks, classes were held in English teaching techniques, reading, writing, conversation, computer use on English teaching, music, and art. Weekend outings were also included in the eight-week program. All teachers are returning to their schools with a better understanding of the language and many new ideas on teaching. Many expressed a high level of appreciation for such opportunities. Such teacher training programs will be well served if English native-speaker volunteers teach in future ETT programs. It would also be a great experience for the English-speaking volunteers to get an in-depth experience of people and life in China.
Year No. Name (Chinese)
1998 4 辽宁省康平县张强镇后辛屯欣欣希望小学
2000 15 辽宁省沈阳市康平县山东屯乡张家欣欣希望小学
2001 16 辽宁省大石桥市水源镇大村村欣欣希望小学
2001 17 辽宁省辽阳县灯塔市古树子一匡欣欣希望小学
2001 18 辽宁省法库县冯贝堡乡务名屯欣欣希望小学
2002 21 辽宁省盖州市万福镇广恩欣欣小学
2002 26 辽宁省辽阳市第二高中
2002 28 辽宁省灯塔市柳条寨镇三台子村士源欣欣小学
2002 29 辽宁省丹东市振安区宋氏欣欣小学
2002 37 辽宁省法库县依牛堡欣欣九年一贯制学校
2003 71 辽宁省辽阳县隆昌镇得胜宪章欣欣小学
2003 76 辽宁省安山市岫岩县大营子镇王家堡村欣欣小学
2003 77 辽宁省大连市普兰店星台镇小徐屯欣欣小学
2003 90 辽宁省盖州市商家台卢山欣欣小学
2004 116 辽宁省葫芦岛连山区台集屯镇常玉章纪念欣欣小学
2004 118 辽宁省朝阳市喀左县平房子镇小营欣欣小学
2004 119 辽宁省阜新县八家子乡八家子欣欣九年一贯制学校
2004 165 辽宁昌图县一高中图书馆 (周维杰老师捐赠纪念图书)
2005 172 辽宁省锦州市北镇市大屯乡欣欣中心小学
2005 173 辽宁省鞍山市岫岩县大营子镇陶家隈欣欣小学
2005 171 辽宁省抚顺市清原县南口前镇十八道岭欣欣小学
2007 275 辽宁盘锦市盘锦县垻墙子镇天琪欣欣小学
Totally 22 school(s)/reading room(s).