Qinghai Shin Shin Schools

Qinghai is named after the enormous Qinghai Lake. Qinghai is located on the northeastern part of the Tibetan Plateau. The Yellow River originates in the middle of the province, while the Yangtze and Makong River have their sources in the southern part. The average elevation of Qinghai is about 3000 meters above sea level. Qinghai was an ethnic melting pot for a long time, mixing Han Chinese, Mongolian, Tibetan, and Turkic influences. It was a battleground during the Tang and subsequent Chinese dynasties when they fought against successive Tibetan dynasties. Qinghai's economy is among the smallest in all of China. Han represents 55% of the population, Tibetan represents 21%, and the others include Tu, Hui, Salar, and Mongols. Qinghai's culture is heavily influenced by Tibet, given the close proximity and shared history.

Shin Shin remodeled 13 schools in Qinghai from 2003 to 2005. Two more new schools were selected and approved in 2007. Peter Liou, Shin Shin volunteer and in charge of Qinghai, has been visiting Qinghai schools every year. Not only do the children love to see grandpa Liou, Peter's diligent effort has put the local government and education unit on notice. They know that Peter will not let any small item pass; they know they must have answers for all. The Qinghai school donors, like Dr. Chan and Juliana Han, are very supportive of their schools: they continue to donate funds for follow-up support, and they also visited the schools.

Cupertino Rotary Club visited three of the Qinghai schools in 2006, and besides the committed donation of a computer lab and basketball courts, they also helped one student with a medical expense and donated cash for desks and chairs on the spot. We also learned from Peter's relentless school visits that love and money are not enough for rural area schools; personal touch and supervision is a key ingredient for success.
Year No. Name (Chinese)
2003 62 青海省互助土族自治县双树乡大沟信望爱欣欣小学
2003 63 青海省西宁市湟中县土门关乡业隆达人欣欣小学
2003 64 青海省西宁市湟中县田家寨什张家广恩欣欣小学
2003 65 青海省乐都县芦化乡营盘湾欣欣小学
2003 66 青海省乐都县马厂乡孟家湾广恩欣欣中心学校
2003 89 青海省互助土族自治县东沟乡卡子修贞欣欣小学
2004 124 青海省循化撒拉族自治县积石镇玉堂欣欣小学
2004 125 青海省大通县桦林乡美心欣欣完全小学
2004 126 青海省大通县长宁镇诺发欣欣完全小学
2004 127 青海省互助土族自治县双树乡诺发欣欣小学
2004 128 青海省乐都县中垻乡中心小学 欣欣教学楼
2004 129 青海省互助土族自治县东沟乡谢瑞棠欣欣小学
2005 175 青海省互助土家族自治县丹麻镇索布滩乃安欣欣小学
2007 280 青海省互助县加定镇加塘村继羽中心小学
2007 299 青海尖扎县康杨镇城上崇德欣欣小学
Totally 15 school(s)/reading room(s).