Shaanxi Shin Shin Schools

Shaanxi Province is located in the very heart of China. It consists of ten prefecture-level divisions. Boasting a population of more than 37 million (ranking 17th) in an area of over 205,800 square kilometers (ranking 11th), Shaanxi includes most of the middle stretch of the Yellow River. The capital of Shaanxi, and the largest city, is Xi'an. Shaanxi province is one of the most important cradles of ancient Chinese civilization. Thousands of years ago, some of China's earliest inhabitants lived in this region, and began spreading their culture along the life-sustaining Yellow River. Throughout the province's long history, there were 13 dynasties for more than 1,180 years who established capitals here, including the Zhou, the Qin, the Han, and the Tang. Because of this rich history, cultural relics and ruins are plentiful, and may be found preserved both above and below ground. Thus Shaanxi is called the "authentic history museum" of China. It is the starting point of the Silk Road, which leads to Europe, Arabia, and Africa.

Most of the area's development of economics and education are slow. Shin Shin Educational Foundation has helped build or remodel 16 schools and 2 reading room since 2005. Many schools received follow-up funds and around 300 books for each school. With the follow-up funds, we have bought desks and chairs, projectors, and other school equipment. Five of the schools had computers installed last year or will have them installed this year. Seventeen teachers attended the Shin Shin funded English Teachers and Computer Training Programs in Gansu this year. Two students received scholarships from Shin Shin that will be continued every year until they graduate from middle school. Special thanks to Freshwind Foundation and PLUS Charitable Trust.
Year No. Name (Chinese)
2005 205 陕西省商洛市柞水县杏坪镇欣欣中心校
2005 201 陕西省延安市洛川县交口河镇林行规欣欣中心小学
2005 202 陕西省延安市富县直罗镇萃英欣欣中心小学
2005 203 陕西省旬阳县桂花乡九零学社欣欣九年制学校
2005 204 陕西洛南县永丰镇凯文欣欣完全小学
2006 249 陕西柞水县红岩寺镇卉萌欣欣小学
2007 269 陕西省榆林市靖边县阳光林韬欣欣完全小学
2008 300 陕西省渭南市澄城县王庄镇耀扬欣欣小学
2008 301 陕西省咸阳市彬县龙高镇陆南山欣欣小学
2009 320 陕西省岐山县雍川镇麦禾营欣欣示范中心小学
2009 322 陕西省咸阳市乾县城关镇张家堡朱保真欣欣完小
2009 9004 陕西省汉中市洋县洋州镇南街小学欣欣阅览室
2009 9005 陕西省渭南市富平县淡村镇仲勋学校欣欣阅览室
2010 326 陕西省汉中市洋县龙亭镇创立克欣欣中心
2011 327 陕西省旬阳县铜钱关镇方肇亨欣欣中心学校
2014 331 陕西省兴平市东城街道办事处东关小学
2017 1269 TEST
Totally 17 school(s)/reading room(s).