Tibet Shin Shin Schools

Tibet is located at the world's largest and highest Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (the "roof of the world") with an average elevation of more than 4000 meters. To the south, it connects to the Himalayas bordering India, Nepal and other countries. To the north, it is next to Xinjiang, Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan, and other provinces. The regional population is about 2.81 million eople, covering an area of more than 1.2 million square kilometers. The population density is about 2.21 people per square kilometer. The population is not evenly distributed with the majority concentrated in the south and east. Tibetans are the main ethnic group, which lives with other Han, Hui, Menbacou, Lhoba ethnic groups etc. Tibet has unique scenery of the snowy plateau as well as the charming style of southern country. With this kind of fusion of nature, culture, and landscape, Tibet is a truly unique attraction. So far, there is still a great distance between many Tibetan's lifestyle and that of the Modern people else where.

In 2003, Shin Shin helped construct an elementary school in Tibet.
Year No. Name (Chinese)
2003 75 西藏洛扎县扎日乡白沙村白沙怀恩欣欣小学
Totally 1 school(s)/reading room(s).