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[2015-05-16] Two Thank-You Letters from Shin Shin Schools in Jiangxi

Editor's Note: These two letters came from Tangling Kevin Shin Shin Elementary School in Tangpu of Yifeng County in Jiangxi Province. Because of Shin Shin's donation, the remodeling of the school was completed in December 2014. The inspection of the buildings was completed in February 2015. The County Education Department gave the school a number-one award as a result of overall evaluations.

To Be a Beautiful Guardian Angel
By Yuyu Huang, a teacher of Tangling Kevin Shin Shin Elementary School

In the early morning, when the breaking of dawn brightened the classroom, I quietly stood by the podium to listen to the children read out loud. Looking at the diligent children in the neat, clean, and well-lit classroom, I feel overwhelmed by my emotions. I remember the first time I arrived at this countryside school as a fresh graduate from college. The desolate scene shocked me. The school name was not even visible on the broken old gate. The playground was covered with wild grasses, without any path. There was not even a dirt road, not to mention a paved path. The classrooms were in a two-story brick building, in which lime dust kept falling from the ceiling down to the hallways, making the hallway floors look like maps. Only until seeing cheerful groups of children did I realize this was indeed a school. The children's diligence and my colleagues' professionalism inspired me to overlook the run-down infrastructure and attentively devote myself to the field of education i
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[2015-03-05] A Report on the Computer Lab Project from a Shin Shin Elementary School in Hanchuan, Hubei (#273)

September is the harvest season. In September 2014, we welcomed 33 computers from Shin Shin Educational Foundation and established a computer room, which opened a window to the world for the children, bridging the educational gap between them and those in big cities. It also provides a great platform for the children's learning. In December, we received the first electronic white board. Multimedia teaching, when used appropriately, incorporates images, graphs, sights and sounds into classes and can effectively make up for the insufficiency of traditional teaching. It is good for creating an inspirational atmosphere, stimulating the students' senses, igniting their interests and passion, making teaching easier, and increasing the learning effects.
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[2015-01-28] SSEF's Anhui Regional Manager Mandy Yang Visited Schools (By Mandy Yang)

On the morning of Jan 4, led by Tan Jun, a supervisor of the Anhui Province Overseas Affairs Bureau, I arrived at the office of the bureau. School communications officer Wu Di initially planned to join me on the trip, but for a personal reason, he was unable to come. In the office of the Overseas Affairs Bureau, I chatted with the director, Mr. Huang Yingfu. I learned that Mr. Huang had graduated from Anhui Normal University in 1982. I was in class 2009. Being alumni made us feel closer. Later I reported Shin Shin's latest news, projects to be executed, our schools' conditions and 2015 plans for schools in Anhui. Mr. Huang said everyone could see Shin Shin's contribution to education in China's villages, and Shin Shin volunteers' selflessness is heartwarming. Mr. Tan said that among so many foundations he knows, Shin Shin's most distinctive feature is continuous planning. He said it's admirable that Shin Shin provides continuous assistance, including projects that bridge the gap between education in big cities and small villages, as well as caring support for sponsored schools, all of which demonstrate Shin Shin's love. Later a reporter of the Xinhua News began the interview. We talked about Shin Shin projects, donations, and the existing schools in Anhui (here is the news article)
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