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[2014-10-01] Visiting Journal: Gansu Dunhuang Shin Shin School by Steve Ting

We formed a group of 16 members representing SSEF (Shin Shin Educational Foundation) and the Rotary Club to deliver 200 wheelchairs to the needy disabled people in Lanzhou Gansu. After that, we continued our journey to Dunhuang Gansu, visiting three Shin Shin elementary schools for understanding their situation of using charity funds and their future needs, as well as bringing love and care to rural children, and sharing the spirit of helping others.

In the morning of September 25th, we first visited a village Shin Shin school---the Yan Pei elementary school (#135) donated in 2005 by Tina Wu, a SSEF board member. We were accompanied by the directors of the Jiuquan and Dunhuang Overseas Chinese Affairs Offices and Education Bureaus. Principal Du of the center school and Principal Youxue Shang of the Yan Pei school welcomed us and introduced the school's situation.
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[2014-09-30] School #35: TongDe Boarding School Students Happily Received Bed Sets from Shin Shin

[XiChong County's Department of Education, Athletic, Science and Technology] On September 23rd, TongDe Boarding School students were excited to receive 3-in-1 bed sets donated by Shin Shin for their dormitories. The total gift value is 11000 RMB.

The homeroom teacher delivered bed sets into each student’s hands before bedtime. The students were very happy to receive new bed sets and they hurried to replace their old comforters, sheets and pillow cases with the new ones, giving their dorm a completely transformed look. Along with their neatly displayed toiletries and their unique dorm culture, the rooms were completely refreshed.
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[2014-06-29] The Restroom Renovation Project for a Guangxi School (#206)

China has been rapidly developed and the whole world can see it. However, as a matter of fact, China's economic development is not balanced! When you look at the skyscrapers and elegant decorations in big cities, can you imagine what a restroom would be like in a remote and rural elementary school in Guangxi? Exactly as demonstrated in the photo, it is dilapidated, without flush water, and full of unbearable odor.
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