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[2012-09-11] President Steve Ting Visit 5 Ningxia Schools

Immediately after Xinjiang school visits, Shin Shin's President Steve Ting and his wife took a flight to Ningxia's capital city Yinchuan on Sept. 9, and began their visits to five elementary schools that are located in mountainous areas. President Steve Ting wrote the detailed report in Chinese. The highlights are translated here. Please switch to Chinese for more information.

Ningxia has a population of 6.4 million, 50% residing in rural areas, and farmers' per capita annual net income is only $851. From Yinchuan, Ningxia provincial capital, after riding on a long and rugged mountain road, they visited a total of five elementary schools (4 Shin Shin schools, one nearby school), the majority of students are Hui ethnic minority.
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[2012-09-08] Shin Shin Team Visited 5 Schools in Xinjiang

Led by Shin Shin's Chairman David Tsang and President Steve Ting, a team of 7 volunteers visited five Shin Shin schools scattered around four corners of the vast land in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region in September. After all the tightly scheduled flights and long bus rides, they reached each school timely and delivered Shin Shin's love and care. The exhaustion from the road was completely washed away by the warm welcome at the schools. The team was refreshed by the close interactions with teachers and students in various activities that engaged the Shin Shin’s spirit. One school has expressed that “SS programs benefit the schools, but the care/love/spirit from people who travelled thousands of miles away will have lifelong impact to students forever.” The most gratifying comment was from elementary school students who pledged that they want to become volunteers to help people in need when they grow up. This kind of reaction fits into Shin Shin’s spirit and is priceless. The Shin Shin members were also glad to receive many positive feedback about Shin Shin's ECTT program, Computer Lab/Multimedia Teaching Aid program and library project. The Shin Shin team also had fruitful meetings with the leaders of the local Chinese Oversea Affairs Office, Educational Bureau, and schools.
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[2011-10-18] President Steve Ting visited the Third Jilin Shin Shin School

President Steve Ting continued his journey on Oct 18th, to visit the third Jilin Shin Shin school in Baicheng. The county where the school is located is designated as one of the “poverty stricken county” by Chinese government. Most of the land is not suitable for farming. This Jilin school is situated nearing Inner Mongolia and Heilingjiang Provinces. It took 4.5 hours ride to get to the school one-way, and it was quite a drive.

During the trip, Shin Shin has received many praises from Overseas Affairs Offices at all levels, local educational officials and school principals, for Shin Shin volunteers' dedication, continous effort, and ability to “operate with honesty, advance with the times”.
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