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[2011-10-17] President Steve Ting Visited two Jilin Shin Shin Schools

President Steven Ting traveled to Changchun, Jilin to start the Shin Shin school visit journey on October 17, 2011. The purposes of the trip include a) to confirm of a new school (multi-purpose building) construction and its completion schedule, b) to investigate if certain Shin Shin programs being effectively implemented, c) to understand the future needs to further improve the educational environment, d) to foster closer working relationship with Overseas Affair Offices, and e) very importantly, to interact with teachers and students with love and care.

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[2011-09-16] President Steve Ting visited Shaanxi Shin Shin Schools

This was the 4th and last day of their Shaanxi schools visit. They were moved by the welcoming ceremony full of cheerful performances by the students. They also had a productive meeting at Zhongxun school to understand their library project's need.
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[2011-09-15] President Steve Ting visited Tongqianguan Central School

President Steve Ting visited Tongqianguan Central School in Shaanxi Province on Sept. 15, 2011. The purpose was to inspect the school current conditions per a request from a potential foundation donor (PLUS Charitable Trust), which is interested in providing funds to build a multi-purpose school building for this elementary school.

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