Shin Shin's E-learning program is our newest endeavor, but it was rooted in our earlier effort in the Computer Lab program since 2005.

As the information age has brought technology into classrooms in China, Shin Shin began to recognize the importance of the Internet and the advantage of using computers for students to have access to other parts of the world. In 2005, Shin Shin started the endeavor “Computer Lab Program” that aimed at equipping all Shin Shin schools with computers. Within 6 years, 200 schools received 2000 computers. They were funded by Shin Shin, individual donors, and Rotary Club Matching Grant.

To date, Shin Shin has allocated $100,000 from the general support follow-up fund the Computer Lab Program. Shin Shin schools were selected based on the following criteria: 1) computer need assessment, 2) ability to host the computer lab, 3) ability to maintain the computer lab, 4) ability to use the computer lab effectively, and 5) teachers' knowledge and capability to teach computer-related curriculum.

In 2005, Shin Shin signed a contract with Lenovo computer company in China. For $5,000 per school, Lenovo provided one computer for teachers, 10 computers for students, a switch, a scanner/printer, and the operating system and Windows Office 2000 software. Furthermore, Lenovo was responsible for the installation and training of the computer lab, and they provided three years of maintenance service. The computer labs were completely installed and functional as stated in the contract. Shin Shin later continued to expand this program to all Shin Shin schools as the donations and funds become available.

To advance with the times, Shin Shin has been closely observing China's rapid growth in online training in the recent years. Many urban schools and well-known corporates have adopted the E-learning system as a low cost and high quality platform. Since 2010, Shin Shin has been actively planning the E-learning project, to accomplish the mission of reducing the gap between urban and rural education quality in terms of technology and facility.

Based on virtual computing technology, one high-end computer server connected to 30 access terminals can simultaneously provide 30 students to access network. This virtual computing platform solution is what Shin Shin plans to promote in many Shin Shin primary schools in China. The system software automatically checks hardware's existence, and finishes installing the system within one hour. Because of the small number of parts for the terminals, problems would rarely occur. Such a system is easy to use, low in maintenance cost, and high in efficiency. (Related News

In 2011, we kicked off pilot 30 + 1 “Virtual Computers” programs in two Shin Shin schools; one in Jilin and the other one in Shandong. We expect the full implementation will start in the spring semester of 2012. If everything goes according to the plan, this program could be expanded to 20 or 30 Shin Shin primary schools in 2012 and 2013.