Shin Shin Educational Foundation Endowment Fund

Shin Shin Educational Foundation (SSEF) is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to the improvement of education and inequality in China, largely through the construction and renovation of schools in underserved Chinese regions.  Since its inception in 1997, SSEF has built and proven a successful model: reaching over 320,000 children across 340 schools in 25 provinces, and providing continuous facility improvements, books, e-Learning, principal/teacher training, etc.

After raising over $10 million in donations and dedicating countless hours towards the improvement of conditions for China’s least fortunate in the past nearly two decades, SSEF has developed a new Endowment Fund in 2014 to continue its committed work and to further its efforts for educational needs in China.  The SSEF Endowment Fund offers donors the opportunity to address the most pressing needs and leave a long-lasting legacy through philanthropic investment.  Moreover, the estate planning aspects of the SSEF Endowment Fund provides donors with the ability to contribute without affecting their their present assets and financial plans.

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