2016 Volunteer Survey (Jan 22 -- Feb 1)

Dear Shin Shin donors, volunteers and friends,

How have you been?

2016 has begun. The Shin Shin HR team is conducting a volunteer survey, in order to maintain the volunteer records and contacts, make the most of the potentials and resources of our volunteers, and help all teams accomplish their tasks efficiently and successfully.

Please spend a little time to fill the form below. The deadline is Feb 5th, when the HR will issue certificates to all volunteers.

We greatly appreciate your love, care and support to the education of poor children in rural and remote areas in China.

Shin Shin HR
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A. If you have quit Shin Shin, stop here.
B. If you are not a volunteer for Shin Shin, but willing to join, please fill the application online, and continue to the section below.
C. If you are a Shin Shin volunteer (including temporarily stopped volunteers), please continue to section C, and attach a profile photo.
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D1 Personal Introduction (Max. 250 words). Please include the following information: education, major, work experiences, current work, personal situation, volunteering experiences, and community awards etc.
D2 Current Teams
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D5. Which of the following areas do you wish to volunteer after adjustment?
1 School Management: School Contact School Evaluation
2 School Development: New School Book Program Facility Improvement Donation Purchase Facility Improvement E-Learning (Urgently needed. Requirements: computer software or EE background, interested in electronics and digital learning, passionate about education, 5 to 6 hours of volunteering per week.
3 Educational Programs:
Training Principal Training English Teachers Training IT Teachers Training Teaching method Training Education Communication Platform
Character Education: Reading Month Yangfan Book Program Art Activity (urgently needed)
University Outreach: Program Survey and Press Mid-term short time (<10 days) Long-term (6 months to a year, for retired teachers, and students major in education.) Summer Camps (5-10 days, U.S. college or high school students)
Program Extension (Introduce good experiences of U.S. primary education to China)
4 Marketing & Strategy: Press Development Strategy Planning Partner development Fund-raising
5 Public Relations: Media Publia Relations Shin Shin Magazine Shin Shin Events Document management News and Press English Translation
6 Human Resources: Volunteer Recruiting Volunteer Training Volunteer management Volunteer Care Volunteer Evaluation
7 China Rep Office (Beijing volunteers only) Office Assistant
8 IT team IT infrastructure Website design and creation Document Input Email and related technical planning, implementation and support