All Shin Shin schools were built with the best quality to meet the highest safety standard. In the devastating Sichuan earthquake in 2008, none of the Shin Shin schools collapsed and none of the Shin Shin students were injured. Since the very beginning, Shin Shin has implemented a set of well-defined principles for each school construction project.

1.Project Objective.
Shin Shin focuses on schools in the rural areas of China that are in most need of help.

2. School Selection
Through the assistance of the Overseas Chinese Office and local Education Bureau, Shin Shin researches and identifies the schools that require immediate financial support. The bureau also identifies the places that require construction of new schools. Upon due diligence and on-site inspection, Shin Shin then makes the final determination.

3. Due Diligence and Site Visit
Shin Shin visits the potential schools and existing beneficiary schools every year to conduct due diligence. All travel expenses are completely covered by the visiting volunteer members of Shin Shin.

4. Contract Negotiation
Shin Shin and the local government negotiate and determine the construction plans. The local government is responsible for reporting the construction progress and milestones, including photographs and written reports to the Foundation.

5. School Construction
Shin Shin provides $20,000 to each school for construction, while the local government provides the matching fund, along with the volunteer labor, to build the school in a cooperative effort.

6. Donation
a. Each school project donation is $50,000, with $30,000 used on construction or renovation of schools, and $20,000 used as “follow-up fund” for the Shin Shin managed facility improvements or educational programs. A donor may donate to his or her choice of school and location; or a donor may delegate the school selection to be made by Shin Shin.

b. The “follow-p fund” can also be a collection of small donations. Shin Shin will decide where and how to best use the donations to support the Shin Shin schools on an ongoing basis.

c. The general fund is used for administration of Shin Shin.

7. Fund Usage
All donations received by Shin Shin will be used for the schools and the related administrative expenses. Individuals who work for Shin Shin are strictly voluntary and do not receive any compensation.

8.Follow-up Support and Monitoring
Shin Shin designates one or more regional managers for each province, and project managers for schools and programs. The project manager is responsible for the communication between school, donor, and Shin Shin. Shin Shin also continues to raise fund to provide ongoing support to the Shin Shin schools, to help to enhance the quality of education, and to truly benefit Shin Shin students.