Shin Shin School #9004 in Shannxi

The school currently has 4,000 students; they were divided into 59 classes. The school has received book cabinets, two classrooms full of desks/chairs/tables for reading purpose, and 2,208 books from Shin Shin.

To take advantage of our library/literacy program, the school has implemented several well thought-out and interesting programs. They have included one “reading” class (阅读课) per class per week. Students check out books from library and write reports after reading each book. Teachers then comment on the reports submitted.

The school organizes an annual two-week “Book Reading Festival” (读书节). During the festival, many students exchange books and school praised the students who have done well in reading books. During the festival, the school collects used books from students and some students also “sell” their own used books as a fund-raising event with the money raised to purchase books and ship them to other less-fortunate elementary schools in poorer areas.

Shin Shin is very pleased to see our library/literacy program play a important part in the school’s creative and excellent “book reading” programs.