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Demand TypeStop Donation
Merge StatusTorn Down
Demand Status学校调查表此项尚未填写
School Name辽宁省盖州市商家台卢山欣欣小学
Old Name
EDU Reg Name
RM Haiwu Li
Address学校地址: 辽宁 省 盖州县(市) 青石岭乡(镇)朱甸(村),000000
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School Type : center-elementary
Number of students :
Number of teachers :
Number of preschool classes :
Number of 1st grade classes :
Number of 2nd grade classes :
Number of 3rd grade classes :
Number of 4th grade classes :
Number of 5th grade classes :
Number of 6th grade classes :
Number of preschool students :
Number of 1st grade students :
Number of 2nd grade students :
Number of 3rd grade students :
Number of 4th grade students :
Number of 5th grade students :
Number of 6th grade students :
Number of middle school students, if any? :
Number of students planned to enroll in the coming year? :
Number of buildings :
Number of classrooms :
Number of offices :
Number of other school buildings/rooms :
Number of student dorm rooms :
Number of students in dorms :
Number of teacher dorms :
Number of teachers in dorms :
Do you have dining hall in school? :
Comments on dining hall :
Do you have restrooms? :
Comments on restrooms :
What do you have for providing drinking water? :
Condition for playground, track area and sports field :
Condition for fence and gate :
Number of computers :
Number of office computers :
Number of computers for teaching :
Do you have computer lab? :
Number of computers in the lab? :
Connected to Internet? :
Sets of multimedia combo(computer and projector) :
Sets of white boards :
Does the school have a reading room? :
Number of reading corners? :
How many books? :
Ratio of left behind children :
Is your village poor? :
Total: 9
DateStatusProgram Case LinkApplication formsDescriptionCost
2013Completed2013设施改善项目欣欣设施改善项目申请表,含 10 台电脑和1 台打印机
2012Completed2012图书项目购买阅览室所需书桌:100 个; 阅览室所需椅子:100 个; 书架:35 个;15台电脑和2台打印机20790.00
2007Completed2007电子教学设备项目购买 电脑11台38000.00
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